Newspaper Azadlig again facing closure

In late August, the newspaper Azadlig may again cease publication because of another ultimatum from the publishing house Azerbaijan.

The publisher required to repay the debts of the newspaper until August 31. Otherwise, the publisher refuses to print the paper, Rahim Hajiyev told Turan.  

At present, the newspaper owes the publisher ​​15 thousand manat.

At the same time, the state press distribution company Gasid owes ​Azadlig 72 thousand manat and refuses to transfer the money from selling the newspaper.

Today the editorial staff organized a picket in front of the office Gasid, demanding the return of the funds to the newspaper.

As always, the representative of Gasid said that the company has no money and it tries to partially repay the funds to the newspaper.

This vicious circle has been created deliberately by the authorities: they destroyed private distributors of newspapers and the state-owned enterprise Gasid plays the role of a lever with which they stifle the opposition press, the deputy editor said. -03B-

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