Journalist of the Azadlig newspaper questioned as a witness

Baku / 18.03.20 / Turan: On 18 March an employee of the Azadlig newspaper, Tezahan Miralamli, was questioned in the Khatai district police department as a witness. The interrogation is connected with a criminal case on the incident of February 26 when activists of the PFPA visited the Memorial to the victims of the Khojaly genocide.

The case was launched on the complaint of Ata Abdullaev, who presents himself as a “video blogger”. In fact, during street actions and events, he attacks the opposition, provokes conflicts, and participates in the detention of protesters.

According to Miralamli, Ata Abdullayev once again used foul language, insulting members of the Popular Front Party Party and personally Ali Kerimli “I went up and warned me to stop hooligan, However, he continued to use foul language in front of the police. After that, he filed a complaint with the police that I allegedly hit him,” Miralamli told Turan.

Later, he was summoned to the 37th branch of the Khatai district police department, and was told to write an explanation. Today, the journalist was officially declared that “in fact a criminal case under Article 221 (hooliganism) of the Criminal Code. ”

“Investigator Samir Agayev interrogated me. He said that they would call me again for a confrontation with Ata Abdullayev. After that, the investigator will make a decision,” the journalist said. He emphasized that he did not hit Abdullaev, as he claims.

It is noteworthy that Tazahan Miralamli was summoned to the police after the Popular Front Party leader Ali Kerimli refused to meet with the representative of the presidential administration.

Speaking in parliament, President Ilham Aliyev did not hide his indignation, calling Karimli’s actions “a rejection of the marginal opposition’s dialogue with the authorities”.  

Abdullayev demands to condemn Miralamli to imprisonment.

It was not possible to get comments from the press service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

According to Art. 221.1 Miralamli faces a fine in the amount of one thousand to three thousand manats ($ 600-1800), or correctional labor for up to one year, or restriction of liberty for up to one year, or imprisonment for up to one year.-06D-


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