Lawyer not Given Meetings with Arrested on Charges of Extremism

The lawyer Javad Javadov is not given a meeting with his client Vugar Aliyev, detained on March 10 in the Tartar district on charges of extremism.

Javadov wrote on his Facebook page he signed the contract for the defense on March 11 and then went to the Office for Combating Organized Crime, which contains his client. However, the lawyer was not allowed to meet, explaining that the investigator had not yet been appointed.

The lawyer appealed on March 11 in the Narimanov court in connection with a violation of his right to a defense and failure in a meeting with his client. However, in the evening on March 12 the investigative body appealed to Narimanov Court, which sanctioned the arrest of Vugar Aliyev for 3 months, pulling against him Article 228.1 (purchase, sale, storage, transportation and concealment of weapons and their parts).

On March 12 the lawyer again was refused to meet with his client at the Office for Combating Organized Crime MIA. For this reason, the lawyer believes that Vugar Aliyev could be tortured.

An indirect confirmation of this is that the official statement of the Ministry of Interior has grossly violated the presumption of innocence of Vugar Aliyev, who was named a member of criminal radical religious groups.

In this respect, the defense intends to go to court. "As a lawyer, I want to put an end to this," said the lawyer.

Recall that in the Interior Ministry and the Prosecutor General's Office reported that the group arrested in Tartar district recruited Azerbaijani citizens to be sent to Syria to participate in combat operations in the country. During a search of the homes of those arrested weapons and ammunitions were found. -03B04-

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