Şəhla Hümbətova

Şəhla Hümbətova

Baku / 29.05.19 / Turan: The lawyer Shahla Humbatova has been experiencing difficulties in visiting correctional institutions since January 2019. She said this in an interview with Turan.

"These institutions require unnecessary documents. Despite the illegality of the requirements, I submit these documents. But then, they require some more letters. I bring them, then more and more documents are required," said Humbatova.

In February and March, she was not allowed into Prison number 5 twice.

Humbatova notes that until January 2019 she had no problems with visiting correctional institutions. She associates the restrictions imposed on her by the principled position taken by the lawyer in January in defending the rights of blogger Mehman Huseynov, who was charged with a new charge.

The lawyer made the hunger strike and the violation of his rights public. The case of Huseynov caused great resonance at home and abroad, and the European Parliament adopted a special resolution.

After this, the case was discontinued, and Huseynov in March was safely released, having served a sentence on the first case.

But now the lawyer apparently pays for the principled and conscientious performance of her duties.

Humbatova sent complaints about the restriction of her rights to the Bar Association, the Ministry of Justice, the Prison Service and the Ombudsman"s Office, but there is no reaction.

It was not possible to get comments from the penitentiary service. -05D-

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