Lawyers of the journalist Nijat Aliyevcall on the court to pass a verdict of acquittal

Today at Baku Court of Grave Crimes  on the court hearing  in  the case of the  editor-in-chief  of, Nijat Aliyev, and  nine other believers began performing with the final word.

Aliyev was charged under the Articles 234.1 . (illegal drug possession ) 167-2.2.1 ( distribution of religious literature by a group of persons ) , 281.2 ( public calls for the violent seizure of power and the constitutional order ), and 283.2.2 ( incitement of national , racial or religious hatred.)

Aliyev and  nine other believers were brought to trial in May 2012, on the eve of "Eurovision- 2012." They were accused of distributing leaflets and DVDs criticizing the policy of the Azerbaijani authorities and protests against a possible gay-parade.

At the hearing on 13 November the lawyers Yalcin Imanov and Abil Bayramov  called the court to acquit N.Aliyev because of  the absence of proofs  of his guilt.

The lawyers  also asked the court to make a particular decision with regard to police investigators  of Yasamal district police  Canali Nuriyev and the Serious Crimes Investigation Department of the  Prosecutor General, Mehdi Mirzoyeva, which, according to the defense, falsified  the case.

Protection also insists on the prosecution of employees of the 27th Yasamal  district police, who planted  the journalist the drugs and tortured him - Aliyev lost two teeth.

The  lawyers  of two other defendants also asked the court to acquit their clients.  The other lawyers  will be given the floor at the next trial on November 21.

The defendants denied the charges  and said  that police  subjected them to tortures.

Journalistic organizations believe that Nijat Aliyev  is being persecuted for freedom of expression. —06С-


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