Mass mortality of fish on the island of Gum

Baku/06.07.18/Turan: Mass mortality of fish near the island of Gum in the Caspian Sea is associated with a decrease in the amount of oxygen dissolved in water to a non-optimal level, the Ministry of Ecology reports.

The Ministry notes that on 4-5 July along the shoreline of the island of Gum in shallow water mass death of fish took place. To clarify the situation, the staff of the Ministry of Ecology and the hydrobiological laboratory of the Institute of Zoology of ANAS examined the territory. It turned out, the dead fish were gray mullet.

Analysis of water and fish did not detect infectious agents and poisoning facts. Analysis of water samples showed that the amount of dissolved oxygen in the water decreased (at a rate of 6 mg/liter it was found in water at a rate of 1.5-4.0 mg / liter.) The fish could not adapt to such changes and began to mass die.-0-

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