Media review for April 6, 2020

State measures to reduce the socio-economic impact of the coronavirus pandemic, the state of the greenhouse, the rules for obtaining state support for citizens working on a non-contractual basis, unemployment commentary are topics of today's media.

The newspaper Azerbaijan writes that the state will provide support both to non-working citizens and to employees in connection with the coronavirus. The Action Plan approved by Prime Minister Ali Asadov involves the allocation of funds to the above-mentioned groups of citizens.

The state will pay part of the salary to self-employed people. Currently, the number of employees is 300 thousand. For this purpose, 215 million manat will be allocated from the budget.

Each citizen will be paid an average of 716 manat. For private entrepreneurs, 80 million manat was allocated from the budget, that is, 267 manat will be paid to each representative of this category. In April and May, the electricity limit will be changed. For this, 10 million manat will be allocated from the budget.

The site “Mü” discusses the situation with the greenhouse economy with expert Bashir Guliyev. The association of producers and exporters of fruits and vegetables prepared its proposals for the government. The strict quarantine regime caused a decrease in demand for fruits and vegetables and a 50% drop in prices. This situation does not cover the costs of growing them.

The site “” discusses with an expert Natik Jafarli the question of providing assistance to citizens working without an employment contract.

In the country, approximately 1 million 500 thousand people work without labor contracts. Most of them are employees of food services, the services sector, tourism and construction.

In most foreign countries, assistance was provided to all citizens, without exception. The same should be in Azerbaijan, at least 250 manat per person.

Azadlıqinfo also discusses unemployment. Persons who do not have official earnings and work should not be left out of the social support package. Legalization of informal employment is the responsibility of the government, not citizens.


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