Media Review, November 5, 2018

The development of social infrastructure in the country, illegal use of state resources, the national anthem, and problems with issuing one-time assistance to families of martyrs are the leading topics of today's media.

The newspaper Azerbaijan writes that the social infrastructure in the country has been significantly updated, and modern technologies and standards are being applied in this area.

Over the past 15 years, more than 640 hospitals, diagnostic centers and dispensaries have been repaired or built in the country. New central hospitals were built in 17 districts and cities of the country, and 28 hospitals were fundamentally repaired.

During this period, more than 3,100 schools were built and fundamentally repaired in the country, and in 2018 over 200 schools were built and repaired. Over the past 15 years, 43 Olympic centers have been established.

The website Azadlı writes about the illegal spending of public funds. The situation of spending money from state reserves is commented on by expert Rovshan Agayev.

The government of the country has large reserves at its disposal - these are the Oil Fund and the Central Bank, whose assets amount to $ 45 billion. The Ministry of Finance has reserves in the amount of $ 1.2 billion.

As of mid-2018, budget reserves amounted to 1.982 billion manat, with 981 million manat in the Oil Fund.

The website discusses the call of MP Tahir Karimli to change the country's anthem. Commenting on this statement, the former Minister of Education Firudin Jalilov recalled that in 1992 they wanted to save the Soviet anthem to the words of Samad Vurgun, throwing out only the words about the party.

Then it was decided to adopt the old anthem to the music by Uzeir Hajibeyov and the words by Ahmed Javad.

The website writes that the authorities do not give the martyrs" families a one-time payment of 11,000 manat. Such dissatisfied families are 117.

Azersigorta allegedly paid 50,000 or 500,000 rubles to these families over the period 1991-1997, but it cannot justify this.

70 of them were presented with documents on the issuance of insurance money to the heirs, and in relation to 47 of them, the search for the necessary documents continues.

Azersigorta claims that the documents are transferred to the archive. And the National Archives claims that documents can be issued only after 75 years.

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