Ministry of Emergency Situations conceals the cost of houses built in a flood zone-2010

Preparatory hearing on the lawsuit  of Turan  News Agency  against the  Ministry of Emergency Situations (MES)  of Azerbaijan took place on Tuesday in Baku Administrative Economic Court N 1.

The suit was filed in accordance with  the Article 24.1 of the law "On Freedom of Information" for the refusal of the Minister, Kamaladdin Heydarov,  to provide information on the construction of houses and social facilities in the area of Kura flood in 2010.

A letter sent to Heydarov on June 20, 2012 requested a response to questions about the amount of funds allocated  in accordance with the decisions of the government and the President, the number of houses built, social facilities, and the estimated cost of  housing.

Director of Turan News Agency, Mehman Aliyev, said in court that the requested information is  not confidential and should be presented to the public.

At the hearing chaired by the judge Sharafat Mammedova, a  representative of MES, Elbey Bababayev failed to answer the questions raised in the letter.

The judge asked the defendant to prepare a response for the next court hearing, scheduled for 14:30 on 18 December.

As you know, the government has allocated 460 million manat for the elimination of the flood consequences. The elimination of the consequences of floods has been assigned to the MES, which was given much of the money. According to the headquarters of civil society, Kura,  multimillion funds were stolen and the problems posed by the government were not eliminated. Residents of the flood zone continue to complain about violations of their rights. Some of the victims are seeking justice in the courts. Shirvan economic-administrative court has considered more than 90 such cases.—0—


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