Oppositionists in the city of Lankaran arrested for  organizing protests

Activist of "Musavat" Iman Aliyev,was arrested  for 30 days today by the decision of the court.  He was detained    yesterday in the town of Liman of Lankaran region.  For the same period was arrested Nazim Hasanli,  the head of the regional organization of the Popular Front Party. Both are charged under  the Article 298 of the Code of Administrative Offences (CAO) - violation of the rules of the demonstrations. In particular, they are responsible for organizing public protests in   the city of Liman  on January 12 against rising prices. In both parties, arrests of activists  are politically motivated. The arrested people have rejected the charges and said that the protests have become an expression of social discontent, and the responsibility for this lies with the authorities. —04С06-

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