People Quarantined in Jalilabad Complain about Lack of Conditions (Video)

Baku / 29.02.20 / Turan: Conditions of detention in the Jalilabad district hospital, where people suspected of having corona virus were placed, are complained about.

The hospital was taken under the protection of special force of the Ministry of Internal Affairs yesterday. Force was used against the quarantined and their relatives.

People detained in the hospital reported unsanitary conditions, the absence of masks, shoe covers, utensils and hygiene products. In some wards there is no water, and there is no medical examination.

Fariz Aliyev, who was admitted to the hospital on February 27, said he was quarantined with 11 students upon his return from Iran. According to him, there are no showers in the hospital, there is no water in the toilets, and the food provided is of poor quality.

“This cannot be called quarantine. We don’t have masks, are not given gloves. The beds are in terrible condition. We are told: "That's all that." Here even healthy people get sick. Our relatives are worried. We want to get out of here,” Aliyev said.

According to him, the police used force against the parents of students protesting at the hospital.

However, the head of the press service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Ehsan Zahidov denied the involvement of police forces in the hospital.

The head of the press service of the Association for the Administration of Territorial Medical Organizations Ravana Aliyeva told Turan that the quarantined were provided with everything necessary.

“Everything is at a high level. People just want to leave quarantine, but they don’t understand that this is done for their own good,” Aliyeva said.

The poor conditions described are also reported from the Astara hospital.

According to various estimates, more than 200 people are in quarantine with suspected corona virus in the country's hospitals. One corona virus-infected Russian citizen is isolated in a clinic in Azerbaijan.—21D-


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