Police Hack Tofig Yagublu's Cell Phone – Lawyer

Baku / 28.03.20 / Turan: The lawyer Elchin Sadigov intends to appeal to the court in connection with the refusal of the police to return the mobile phone of the arrested opposition activist Tofig Yagublu.

“The telephone was seized fro Yagublu without any reason. The removal of his posts (on Facebook) once again confirms that the politician was arrested for his publication on the social network. I made copies of the publications, due to which he was arrested, in advance,” said the lawyer.

According to him, such an intervention is an invasion of privacy and a violation of freedom of expression. This means a violation of the European Convention, as well as articles of the Criminal Code of Azerbaijan.

Yagublu was detained on March 22 after an accident. Another car hit Yagublu's vehicle, and its driver aggressively attacked the opposition member. However, it was Yagublu that was detained and accused of hooliganism, and the court arrested him for three months.

International human rights organizations condemned the politician’s arrest on trumped-up charges and demanded his immediate release.  —06D-        


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