Police Tried to Prevent March of Martyrs� Families

Baku / 06.11.18 / Turan: Police and people in civilian clothes tried to prevent a group of representatives of the Shehid (martyrs) families to march from the main street of the city center, Nizami to the presidential administration of Azerbaijan.

The action was held demanding the payment of compensation to the families of martyrs for the loss of the breadwinners who died defending the territorial integrity of Azerbaijan.

Police officers and people in civilian clothes stopped the rally participants, mostly women, who walked, carrying portraits of martyrs in their hands. They were offered not to go "en masse", but to send 2-3 people to the administration.

"We regard this as a violation of rights, disrespect for the families of the martyrs. We want compensation due to us at 11,000 manat. We are not given this money and are redirected between the Ministry of Finance and Azersigorta Insurance," said one of the participants in the action. Despite the opposition of the police, the protesters continued the march.

In the spring of this year, Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev signed a decree on the payment of one-time compensation to the families of persons killed or missing in action in defense of the territorial integrity of Azerbaijan in 1991-97 in the amount of 11 thousand manat.

Compensation began on October 9. However, many families were denied compensation on the pretext that they received funds in the past. Compensation is not given to the families of police officers, but is only available to the families of servicemen.

Complaints of the citizens to state bodies are not considered. -06D-

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