Press Review 05/28/15

Official newspapers write about Ilham Aliyev laying a wreath at the obelisk of Azerbaijan Democratic Republic.

Azadlyg writes about the call of the son of MP Farhad Garibov for questioning in connection with the International Bank credits. Another son of the MP is wanted.

The newspaper writes that the Chairman of the Board of Supervisors of Capital Bank, Mirjamal Pashayev resigned. The newspaper links it with the beginning of the loan scandal.

Over the past 4 months 60 companies related to Azerbaijan were set up in Turkey. The newspaper calls it escape of finance from Azerbaijan.

Freedom House called inhuman treatment the refusal of providing medical care to the convicted human rights activist Intigam Aliyev.

Express: The deputy head of the Presidential Administration Novruz Mammadov believes that the cause of criticism of Azerbaijan by the West is jealousy and envy.

Bizim Yol writes that the Executive Power of Baku has been allocated 1.7 billion manats for improvement of the city.

Yeni Musavat writes that the opposition defends the arrested entrepreneurs.

The parties included in the bloc Azadlig 2015 called on President Ilham Aliyev to dismiss the Cabinet and the Chairman of the Central Bank.

A company of the MP Agalar Veliyev will provide facing of the burned 16-storey building.

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