Press Review 12/28/15

Official media write about the results of the year, the achievements of the authorities in the field of economics and international relations, the strengthening of the armed forces and defending the interests of Azerbaijan.

They also publish the presidential decree to merge three military colleges.


The deficit has led to currency trading in dollars on the black market, where the rate is two manat per dollar. This reinforces the panic among the population and contributes to the rise in prices.

The battalion commander of a military unit in Mushfigabad Adalat Gasimov shot himself after he was publicly insulted by Colonel Etibar Askerov. Gasimov is gravely wounded.

The former Consul of Azerbaijan in the Netherlands Nahid Jafarov on his Facebook page has called the country's diplomats to serve the people, not the authorities of Azerbaijan.

The arrest of the former chief of the MNS Antiterrorist Center Elchin Guliyev should be followed by the arrest of the former Minister Eldar Mahmudov.

Yeni Musavat also writes on the topic of arrests in the MNS, claiming that Eldar Mahmudov has been under house arrest in a mansion in the village Zagulba, which houses a relaxation area of the MNS.

Members of his family are banned from leaving the country, but recently his son Anar was allowed to leave. There is evidence that Anar should return money from Mahmudov’s foreign accounts to Azerbaijan.

In Nakhchivan the former chief of the local DHS Veli Askerov has been taken to custody. Neymat Mustafayev, the brother of the commander of a special force of Nakhchivan, Kerem Mustafayev, has been arrested, the newspaper says. 

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