Press Review 30/07/15

Official newspapers publish material about the dynamic development of the country.

Azadlyg commented the intention of the European Parliament not to send observers to the parliamentary elections in Azerbaijan.

Apparently, the European Parliament does not believe in democracy of the upcoming elections.

The US State Department called on official Baku to respect the rights of its citizens and to cease harassment of relatives of Emin Milli and Ganimat Zahid.

Experts warn that if the Central Bank does not settle its monetary policy as soon as possible, the country's financial system will face serious challenges.

The Oil Fund revenues compared to the same period last year dropped by half (from 8.3 billion USD to 3.9 billion USD).

The participation of adolescents 14-18 years old in crimes committed in the country has considerably increased.

The head of the camp Sheikh Suleiman fighting in Syria is a former bodyguard of the President of Azerbaijan. This was stated by a Dagestan man that returned from Syria.

Express writes that the decline in gold prices in the world market caused a damage of USD 100 million to the Oil Fund of Azerbaijan.

Echo writes that the ISIS insurgents constitute a real danger for Azerbaijan, as they may come into the country through Nakhchivan.

98% of watermelons grown in Azerbaijan are genetically modified.

Bizim Yol writes that Bank Technique stopped all operations. What will be the fate of deposits of the population is still unknown.

Yeni Musavat writes about the meeting of the management of tax and customs services with entrepreneurs. It is regarded as an intention of the authorities to initiate reforms.

Former prisoner of conscience, now in exile Mirza Sakit called his brother Ganimat Zahid to stop activities of the television program Azerbaijan Hour because of arrests of their relatives. –0--

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