Prison Service: Leyla Yunus was not beaten

The Prison Service has denied the reports of the beating of the human rights activist Leyla Yunus in Baku Prison N1.

Thus, the Prison Service Chief Assistant Yashar Isakov called the reports "completely unfounded."

"In order to stop the spread of such unfounded messages aimed at misleading the public, the management of the Prison Service appealed to the appropriate law enforcement authorities in order to conduct an investigation. For this purpose, surveiilance cameras set out in the corridors of the insulator will be presented to the authorities of the prosecutor’s office," said Isakov.

He denies that the prison officer Fagan Yagubov beat Leyla Yunus.

Fagan Yagubov, as well as other members of the penal service know the rules of the treatment of prisoners and the accused and fully comply with them, he said.

With regard to the statement by the lawyers for Yunus, because of the lack of hot water the human rights activist bathed with cold water and got ill, Isakov said that hot water is supplied to the women’s detention center 3 times a week for 4 hours.

According to Isakov, Yunus has been provided with hot water from 10.00 to 14.00.

He also refuted information not providing medical care to Yunus.

It is alleged that Yunus from 19 to 24 September was 5 times examined by a doctor and it is confirmed in the log. At the same time, the doctors “do not confirm” increase in the body temperature of Yunus.

As for the search of Yunus’s cell, then, according to the Prison Service, searches were carried out also in other cells on that day. -16D-

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