Property of the "Caucasus" University property is «nationalized»

On January 30  at the extraordinary board of the Ministry of Education  were discussed the Commission's proposal to eliminate the university "Caucasus", including the distribution of students  to other universities. Following the discussions, it  was decided to transfer after the winter examination session all the students to one university - Baku Engineering University, established in November 2016.

 The appeals of  students wishing to study in other universities, will be considered during the summer holidays, according to a Ministry of Education report.  An appeal of the founder of the University "Caucasus" - Azerbaijan International Education Center on the transfer of all its property "in favor of the state" and use it for educational purposes was also considered.

Problems at the University of "Caucasus" began in the summer of 2016 after the failure of the coup in Turkey. Ankara demanded from Baku to close all the structures associated with the movement "Hizmat"  by the preacher Fethullah Gulen, whom the Turkish government announced that the organizer of the coup.

After that, the University of "Caucasus" created  by "Hizmat"Movement, forcibly entered a part of the Baku Oil School at SOCAR. At the same time, teachers from Turkey  were fired, and instead of them were  appointed local  teachers, and  on January 16, 2017 University of "Caucasus" "self-destructed."

This University was the highest rating university in Azerbaijan, had international recognition; foreigners also studied at this university. —06D—

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