Recent Data on Tragedy in Lokbatan

According to the latest official information from MOE, six people were killed in today's collision of a bus with a passenger train and more than 40 were injured.

The ambulance service said that three of the injured died in hospital. The status of several others remains grave.

The terrible accident occurred today at 07.35 in Lokbatan in the Garadagh district of the capital. The moving passenger train Agstafa-Baku collided with a bus number 124.

Law enforcement officers with the assistance of forensic experts conducted a field inspection of the bodies.

According to primary data, 47 people were wounded and sent to the Clinical Center and the Trauma Hospital. 18 of them were released after the delivery of primary medical care. 16 people remain in hospitals and the state of 10 of them is hard.

As Turan was told on the "hot line" of the Ministry of Health, the state of 9 men is very hard, with a Chinese national among them.

The numbers of the "hot lines" are as follows: PGO - 493-72-80), MIA - 493-62-64, and the Ministry of Health - 565-12-75.

Witnesses of the accident reported that the cause of the accident was violation of the rules by the bus driver, who wanted to avoid the road barrier and rush cross the railway before the running train. The driver was not killed; he was wounded and tried to escape from the scene, but was apprehended. -03B04-


Fifteen People Killed in Train Collision with Bus on Outskirts of Baku


A train collided with a passenger bus number 124 in the Baku suburban village Lokbatan at a railway crossing at 7:30 pm today.

The Traffic Police told Turan the number of dead is 15, and about 30 are wounded. Witnesses told Turan that after the collision the train dragged the bus for a hundred meters.

At the ambulance hospital they confirmed the injury of 30 people being taken to different hospitals.

Forces of MOE, the Ministry of Interior, and the doctors work at the place. Police cordoned off the scene.

The prosecutor office of the Garadagh district has filed a criminal case under Article 262 (violation of operation of rail transport) and 263 (a traffic violation). -03B-


Fifteen people die as a result of collision of train and a bus in the suburbs of Baku

On Friday at 7:30 pm. in the suburb of Baku, in the village Lokbatan, collided at a railway crossing train and a passenger bus.

According to preliminary data from the Traffic Police, the number of diedis up to 15, and nine people are injured.

The Turan correspondent who was close to the scene reported that after the collision, the train dragged the bus for some distance.

The hospital of ambulance reported that it was a  large-scale incident which  affected more than 30 people.

At the scene work the Ministry for Emergency Situations, the Ministry of Interior, and doctors.  The police cordoned off the scene.—03B-

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