Relatives of  Jamal Ali are released from the police (updated)

On 6 January mother and four relatives of the rapper Jamal Ali were released  from police in Baku, where they  have been since the morning. According to Jamal Aliyev,  his mother  was told that  let her son " stop insults", and  he  will not be disturbed.  Asked whom he insulted, the rapper said, "I told  real things  and what I feel." He also promised to record a new video "more polite, but  with more criticism." "I'm not  happy that they trouble my  relatives  because of me. I'll call and ask them to apologize," he said. -16В06--

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The mother and several relatives of the rapper Jamal Ali, who is in political emigration in Germany, have been brought to the Main Police Department of Baku.

According to the rapper, they are required to make Jamal Ali delete the video Grandpa Monument hosted on YouTube.

The rapper’s mother Gulshan Aliyeva was brought to the Sabunchu Police Department yesterday, Jamal Ali told Turan.

“Mother said she was detained because of me. She was warned that I should remove the video from YouTube. Today they came again, but this time she was taken to the Main Police Department of Baku,” the rapper said.

Jamal Ali said he would not remove the video. “Let Ilham Aliyev resign, then I will delete it,” he said, noting that his mother is a pensioner.

Note that the specified clip in the genre of rap criticizes human rights violations and the persecution of citizens for their opinion.

In turn, the press service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs told Turan they did not have information about the detention of Ali’s mother or relatives.

Singing at a youth rally in March 2012, Jamal Ali made obscene language and was arrested for 10 days. When arrested, he was beaten.

After his release, on the eve of the Eurovision 2012 Song Contest in Baku, he emigrated from Azerbaijan. -16C06-

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