Açiq məmbələrdən foto.

Açiq məmbələrdən foto.

Baku/06.05.20/Turan: On Wednesday, the residents of the villages of AgaraHim Oba and Kohne Khachmaz of the Khachmaz region held a protest rally in front of the  executive branch. They complained about the lack of water, gas and other social problems.

“We have no water, gas, roads in poor condition. For many years, the municipality has been doing nothing to solve problems. They promised to lay gas by March, but did not keep their promise. Due to lack of water, trees and crops dry out. There is water in the canal, but for some reason has it been given for irrigation since this year? Let them explain what is happening to us," said a resident of the village of Agarahim Oba.

Residents of the village of Kohne Khachmaz also complained about the lack of water.

“We came here for the head of the executive branch to help us and solve the problem of water, which is not supplied for days,” said one of the villagers.

Police officers who arrived at the scene said that this year the amount of water in the Samukh-Absheron Canal had decreased.

“This year there is little water, and therefore there was a shortage. The distribution must be fair, we will keep it under control,” said a representative of police.

The deputy head of the Executive power of the district, Bakhtiyar Osmanov, said that on the eve irrigation water was supplied to all the villages of Khachmaz. According to him, a schedule has been drawn up.

“12 cubic meters of water should enter the region, however, due to a shortage, 3.5 cubic meters are supplied. After a few days there will be a lot of water and then the problem will be solved,” the official assured. —06D—


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