Six poisoned Iranian sailors discharged from the Toxicological Center

Baku/10.19.18/Turan: Six of the eight sailors of the Iranian Nazmehr dry cargo ship delivered at night to the Republican Toxicological Center of Baku were discharged during the day. The condition of the other two is satisfactory, there is no reason for concern, and they will most likely be released on Saturday, the head of the center Azer Magsudov told Turan. Recall that the sailors were rescued by Azerbaijani border guards. According to an official report of the State Border Service, the Coast Guard's boat twice went to the dry-cargo ship. For the first time the boat reached the ship by 00.30. At that moment, from12 crew members (one citizen of Ukraine and 11 - Iranians) were seven unconscious and were loaded on board. At the same time, the captain of the vessel said that three crew members did not show signs of life. All the victims on the shore were transferred to the ambulance crews that arrived. At about 4:00 in the morning, the captain of the vessel "Nazmehr" again contacted, reported that the condition of 4 more sailors had deteriorated and asked for help. The patrol boat again headed for the cargo ship and took another 4 crew members, taking them to the shore. All the rescued were taken to the Republican poison control center. According to information from informed sources, the captain of the ship, a citizen of Ukraine, has a slight poisoning and has not left the vessel. The reasons for the departure of the entire crew of the cargo ship is still unclear. -06B--

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