SOCAR invites citizens to report scams on social media to police

Baku/20.05.22/ Turan: Advertising information on behalf of SOCAR Azerbaijan is distributed on social networks with a spectacular photo of a girl on the hood of an expensive car. The text calls on everyone to invest their money in the SOCAR investment fund, recoup the costs in two days and continue to grow rich rapidly.

"An investment in a national project from SOCAR pays off within two days, and brings impressive results throughout the entire cooperation with the platform. 80% of users were able to afford to buy real estate after six months of participation in the project," the advertisement promises.

Deputy Vice President for Human Resources, Regime and Information Technologies of the Azerbaijani state oil company SOCAR Ibrahim Ahmadov, at the request of Turan, said that this advertisement had nothing to do with the state company SOCAR.

"SOCAR has nothing to do with this fraudulent activity and is not responsible for the information on these web pages. We urge citizens not to lose vigilance and report such cases to law enforcement agencies," Ahmedov said. –0—

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