Teacher dismissed for calls for friendship between Azerbaijanis and Armenians

Baku / 13.03.18 / Turan: Young teacher, Rovshan Azizov, announces his resignation from work for calling for peace and friendship between Azerbaijani and Armenian children. He has been working as a teacher of the Russian language at school number 220 in the Nizami district of Baku since 2004. At the same time he always preferred non-traditional methods of teaching, using artistry and stage productions to increase the interest of children in classes. With the participation of children, he shot several videos dedicated to the friendship between Azerbaijanis and Armenians.

"I, as a teacher, want the Armenian and Azerbaijani children live in the spirit of friendship and love," Azizov said. The videos were played by the roles of Azerbaijani and Armenian children, who at first feuded, but realizing that they were friends.

This idea of ​​Azizov caused protests of activists of the Karabakh Liberation Organization.

"On December 20 they broke into the school and started insulting me, calling me a "traitor", and an "Armenian agent", demanding dismissal," Azizov continued. After 4 days he was fired from school, allegedly for violation of labor discipline, systematic late work.

The teacher appealed against the order of the director and on March 14, the Nizami district court is expected to make a decision.

"In fact, in the court director admitted that I was fired for what I said in the lessons about Armenians in the school without their permission. When I reminded that his own daughter took part in my video, he said that he thought the video was about peace between nations, but when he learnt that it was about the peace between the Armenians and Azerbaijanis, he changed his mind," said Azizov.

Azizov noted that none of the parents expressed any objections to him. Parents and children still keep in touch with him. As for colleagues, they were forced to sign an appeal to the court against Azizov.

"I want the Armenians also say that the Azerbaijanis are not their enemies, and vice versa." Unfortunately, hatred of Azerbaijanis is spread in Armenia. If we are afraid, war will be eternal. "My conviction is that in today's world there should not be borders, enemies, there must be only love," Azizov said. Turan failed to contact with the director of school number 220 Tural Mirzaliev.

The secretary of the director answered every time that he was not in.

It is curious that the pro-government TV channels have shown stories about Azizov's innovative methods. For example, such a story was on the air of "Khazar TV".--0--

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