The prosecutor asks  eight years of imprisonment for the defendant in the case of "On the illegal financing of the PFPA"

Baku / 23.01.19 / Turan: On Tuesday, the Baku Serious Crimes Court held a final statement by the state prosecutor in the process of the so-called case of "illegal financing" of the PFPA.

Three activists appeared before the court: party member Presidium Agyl Maharramli, head of the Narimanov district department Babek Hasanov, youth committee activist Ruslan Nasirli, as well as businessman Saleh Rustamov and his nephew Vidadi Rustamli.

On May 26, 2018, the country's Prosecutor General"s Office announced their arrest on charges of "illegal financing" of the PFPA. The arrested were accused of illegal business, money laundering, criminally obtained, etc.

PFPA denied unlawful funding. All those arrested were recognized by human rights activists as political prisoners.

During the trial, which lasts for almost two months, the defendants spoke about the torture to which they were subjected in the Directorate General on Combating Organized Crime of the Ministry of Interior.

Today in court, the prosecutor made a closing speech.

He offered to sentence Saleh Rustamli to 8 years, Babek Hasanov and Aguil Maharramli to 7 years, and 6 months of imprisonment each.

At the same time, the prosecutor asked 3.5 years of imprisonment for Ruslan Nasirli and Vidadi Rustami.

The trial will continue on February 27. --16D06--

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