The Public Committee against Repression and Torture (PCT) demands an end to torture and punish those responsible

Baku/27.05.19/Turan: The Public Committee against Repression and Torture (PCT) made a statement in which it drew attention to the inhuman treatment of prisoners.

"The trials of those accused of the Ganja events of July 2018 once again confirm that during these events a large number of people were unreasonably arrested and subjected to appalling torture," the PCT statement said on May 26.

At the same time, the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the General Prosecutor's Office and other bodies, instead of taking measures against the perpetrators of lawlessness, chose as a target for the pressure of those who publicize the facts of torture.

Despite the discovery of new facts of torture and illegal arrests, the relevant authorities do not conduct serious investigations or take measures.

"On the other hand, despite the difficult state of health of those arrested in the Ganja Case, Aydin Gurbanov, Shakhin Verdiyev, Asif Javadov, Shahlar Rzayev, Eshgin Guliyev, Vugar Khudiyev, Elvin Aliyev, etc., no measures were taken to treat them. Clarity was not brought up in connection with the murder in the strange cases of suspect in the Ganja events, Ali Sarkhani. For the past 10 months, his body has not been issued to the family," the statement further reads.

The PCT also draws attention to the fact that in May 2017; about 200 service members who were subjected to torture were detained in the so-called "Tartar case".

"At least 9 people died from torture. Today, 24 people are under arrest. Despite the fact that the facts of torture of the military are reflected in judicial documents, the relevant authorities do not take sufficient and fair steps.

And today, many servicemen, both in prison and in freedom, are still suffering from these tortures," the document further states.

The PCT also points to the death from "merciless torture" on May 11 in Sheki police Galib Mamedov. The past is already two weeks, but the relevant state bodies keep silent.

No measures are taken in connection with the mysterious death in Turkey of an employee of the General Directorate for Combating Corruption under the Prosecutor General Emin Huseynov.

At the proper level, the murder in the military service of Razi Mustafayeva, the 8th grader of one of Baku schools, the beating of Parviz Habibova to death are not being investigated. In total, during the investigation it was established that in places of detention under strange circumstances, more than 30 people were killed, further noted in the statement.

It also points to the lack of information about the fate of two activists of the People"s Movement of Azerbaijan, Ilyas Abdullayev and Yavar Mikayilov, detained on May 18, unjustified confinement in the punishment cell of political prisoners Ahsan Nuruzade, Babek Hasanov, Muhammadali Akhundzade and others, have serious health problems with Ruhullah Akhundzade, Shamil AbduLaliev, Jabbar Jabbarov, Abbas Huseynov, Abulfaz Bunyatov, Seyfaddin Shirvanov and others.

The CRC condemns unlawful arrests, torture, and murder under strange circumstances and demands that this be stopped and calls on the prosecutor general to bring the perpetrators to justice. -06D--

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