Virtual Learning of Doctoring

Local doctors and nurses will improve their skills practically.

The new program was introduced by the Azerbaijan State Institute of Advanced Medical Studies. Distance courses in more than 30 specialties do not disagree with the work plan for the current academic year.

The system of distance education, using modern ICT allows establishment of studies in therapy, pediatrics, obstetrics and gynecology, family medicine, and general surgery, and is introduced for the first time in the country, the official portal of the Ministry of Health reported.

The lectures at the faculty of the Institute will be read over the Internet at special programs approved internationally and adapted to local conditions. According to the developers of the innovation, global practice has proved its practical effectiveness - there are savings of travel expenses of personnel, in addition, most importantly, there is no separation of physicians from practice.

This school year the distance education course through the Internet will attract about 600 physicians. With the success of the new product the wishing physicians themselves will be able to join the lectures of the professors. - 17D-


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