Witnesses give testimonies at the trial of senior officials of the Ministry of Communications

Today Baku Serious Court continued the trial of senior officials of the Ministry of Communications and High Technologies. At the trial the former head of the Ministry Vidadi Zeynalov was invited to testify. However, the defendant Zeynalov refused, saying that at the present stage he did not want to give testimonies. His explained his refusal by not being familiarized with the prosecution.

The representative of the Ministry of Communications Vugar Babayev said that protected the civil claim in the amount of 153,346,000 manats. He asked the court to pay this amount by all the defendants. Then,spoke the witness.

 First spoke Ramil Aliyev - a former driver  of the General of the MNS Subair Gurbanov. Ramil Aliyev said in his testimony that the defendant is familiar only with Vidadi Zeynalov. According to the witness,  every month he came Vidadi Zeynalov , took his bag,  and then delivered it  Subair Gurbanov. Defendant Vidadi Zeynalov confirmed what the witness said.

Witness of Rafiga Abbasova said that she led the department of the Council of Fiscal Stability of the Ministry. First, she received every month 900 manat in an envelope, then 1100 manats.

Another witness Matanat Mammadova confirmed the testimonies said during the investigation. She has for a long period worked as the chief of financial and planning department of the Ministry. According to her, in 2011 she received an envelope in 2300 manats, and in subsequent years on a monthly basis 6000 AZN: "I  wrote  references  about the ministry's activities, analyzed the international reports. Since mid-2013, I received an envelope  with 6000 manat. After the devaluation  there were AZN 4700 in the envelope.   I received the  envelope from Vidadi Zeynalov.

As the witness was questioned Abbas Ahmadov, the  chief of the technical department in a production association Baku-Phone. He said that in accordance with the job description  he  did not receive money in envelope. The  trial will continue on 16 December. -36d04-

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