Freedom to victims of political repression

Freedom to victims of political repression


Appeal of Center to Resist Repression (CRR)


The currents events in Ukraine that attracted U.S. and EU attention enabled Aliyev regime to begin the full elimination of remained Azerbaijani independent Mass Media, NGOs and activists of civil society. By June 12, 2014 there are 130 victims of political repression, out of which 40 prisoners are “prisoners of conscience” and 90 political prisoners.

Among the “prisoners of conscience” in the list of Institute for Peace and Democracy are:

·         11 journalists and bloggers, including chief editor of newspaper “Khural” Avaz Zeynally, the editor of the single newspaper of Talysh national minority in Talysh language “Tolyshi Sado” Hilal Mamedov, honored Azerbaijan journalist  and a Gerd Bucerius International Prize Winner Rauf Mirkadirov, journalist Tofig Yagublu (his daughter is also convicted), bloggers Rashad Ramazanov, Abdul Abilov and others.


·         4 HRDs, including Anar Mamedli and Bashir Suleymanli, the leaders of NGO Election Monitoring and Democracy Studies Center (EMDSC). EMDSC gave the strong proof (including video records) of the ballot rigging at the presidential elections on October 09, 2013.


·         11 youth activists, the majority of who received their education in USA, and EU countries, including 8 people of the youth movement NIDA. During detention and investigation period they were exposed to tortures and other forms of inhuman treatments.


·         2 leaders of westernized opposition, including Ilgar Mamedov the chairman of Real Movement and Yadigar Mamedov the chief adviser of “Musavat” chairman


·         12 believers, including renowned theologian Taleh Bagirzadeh.


Center to Resist Repression demands:

·         Immediate release of all victims of political repressions of authoritarian Aliyev regime

·         To call to criminal account all Office of Public Prosecutor, Ministry of Internal Affairs, Ministry of National Security workers participated during tortures and falsification of the criminal cases

·         Holding public trials over “criminals in epaulet”

·         Banishment from judiciary and deprivation from rights in future to take position as judge, all the judges, that passed politically motivated sentences on falsified criminal cases.


CRR has the whole data bank regarding the judges and workers of organs, who have violated Azerbaijan legislation and international law norms




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