Endless Corridor Won Two Awards at Madrid Festival

The film of the Lithuanian cinematographers Endless Corridor was the winner of two awards at the prestigious International Film Festival in Madrid.

On July 10, the final day of the festival, Endless Corridor was named best documentary in 2015, and Aleksandras Brokas - the best director of the year. Thus, the film about the Khojaly tragedy for the second time was awarded an international prize.

 A few weeks ago, the tape received the main prize of the American edition Accolade Global Film Competition - professional edition of US filmmakers. This competition is also called Little Oscar.

 Recall that the film tells about the fate of victims of Khojaly tragedy 20 years later, on the causes and origins of the Armenian-Azerbaijani conflict, the search for the causes of the massacre and the lack of punishment of those responsible. Work on this tape was done for several years in Azerbaijan, Lithuania, Armenia and Moscow. After filming on location a lot of work was carried out in Britain and the United States, where translations were made and sound texts involving an Oscar winner, the famous British actor Jeremy Irons were prepared. In the US, the work was produced by the famous American filmmaker Gerald Rafshoon. The film touches humanitarian, political, historical and geopolitical aspects of the process that took place in the period of perestroika and after the collapse of the USSR. The main contribution of this tape can be considered reliable and objective analysis of all these events, and a clear answer to the question of who are guilty of massacres of civilians in Khojaly. During the filming archival materials of the agency Turan were used. -02B-

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