Third volume of the Azerbaijan National Encyclopedia is published

Third volume of the Azerbaijan National Encyclopedia, which ends with the publication of articles with titles that begin with the letter "B" has been published. 

 Ten thousand copies of the volume will be delivered soon from Germany for sale, according to the  Research Center of the National Encyclopedia of ANAS.

The cost per volume is 29 AZN.  The printing house "East-West"  in Baku printed 25,000 copies  of the library  version of the third volume, which is distributed free to libraries, government agencies of the country, and the diplomatic missions of Azerbaijan abroad.

Similarly, first and second volumes were printed for libraries and for sale, including articles with the title on the letter «A» and «A and B».

The volume  consists of  800-900 pages.

It is planned to include in next volume the articles with titles starting with the letter "C" and “D”.

Later volumes will be printed on all the other letters of the Azerbaijani alphabet.

In addition, a special volume entitled "Azerbaijan", with a circulation of 5000 copies, was printed in the Russian language.  This is a general collection on the Azerbaijani state, history, culture, literature, science, education, Azerbaijan, the prominent figures of the country, etc.

The first two volumes of the national encyclopedia and the "Azerbaijan" special issue can only be purchased at the Research Center of the National Encyclopedia of ANAS. –06D-



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