A package of proposals to reform business

Ministry of Economy and Industry prepared and submitted to the government a package of proposals to reform the business.

Some details of the proposals were announced on Wednesday in Gabala deputy head of this department Sahib Mammadov.

According to him , the reform will affect procedures for issuing permits for construction activities , import-export operations , registration of real estate , corporate governance and protection of investments , business entities Connections to the mains , as well as improving the institutions that affect the issuance of business loans .

It is planned to develop and adopt six legislative acts , including two new laws aimed at improving banking services and access to financial services : the law "On the private credit bureau" and the law "On Secured Transactions ."

It was noted that the reforms will be based on international best practices .

As you know, on March 3 this year, President Ilham Aliyev signed a decree "On additional measures related to the development of entrepreneurship." The Cabinet of Ministers was received within two months to prepare proposals to improve the business environment. - 08D -

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