Azerenerji owes a lot to state oil company of Azerbaijan

While State Oil Company of Azerbaijan (SOCAR) increases transfers to the state budget every year, the biggest tax-payer has its own non-payers. 

Several years ago Azerbaijan State Airlines (AZAL) closed-type joint stock company (JSC) had a debt of over 100 million AZN  to SOCAR for the delivered kerosene (which was later written off by the Cabinet of Ministers’ decision).  Now Azerenerji,  a big state company, owes Azerigas (SOCAR’s company in charge of gas sale at the local market).

Azerenerji cannot pay debt for the supplied gas and its debt grows every month. “The debt is worth over 100 million AZN,” said a source from SOCAR.

Asked by Turan’s correspondent why Azerenerji failed to repay debt to Azerigas, because it reported that collection of the fees from the customers exceeded 90%, SOCAR’s representative said that the company has problems with collection of fees. “Azerenerji most likely collects over 90% from the population, but it has problems with big state enterprises, budgetary organizations and etc,” said the same source. 

“We fulfill our obligations to the state budget. But Azerenerji’s activities negatively affect the financial discipline and the sooner we solve this problem is the better,” said a source from SOCAR.

* During 10 months, 2013 SOCAR has transferred 1,324,000,000 AZN to the state budget. In 2012 this index totaled 1,425,000,000 AZN, while during 2011 – 1,335,000,000 AZN. In 2010 SOCAR has transferred 1,262,000,000 AZN to the state budget against 1,468,862,000 AZN in 2009.—0—


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