Capital Bank has more than 31 million manat of net profit

Over three quarters of 2014 JSC Capital Bank received 39.2 million of balance profit, which is 46.5% of its net interest and interest income.

Net monthly earnings per share amounted to slightly more than 2 manat. The Bank has outstanding 15 million common shares with par value of AZN 12 39 gepiks. Adequacy ratio of the bank's total capital to its assets, calculated in compliance with the degree of risk was 23.9% in January-August. After tax profits, the bank earned from the beginning of the year 31,470,000 manat net profit.

With assets of 1 371 million manat, the bank has a commitment of 1 121 million manat. Equity attributable to shareholders exceeds 250,300,000 manat. Retained profit for August 31 this year exceeded 52 million manat.

JSC Capital Bank since 2007 is controlled by the Pasha Holding Ltd, which owns 99.84% of its shares. --08B--

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