Central Bank of Azerbaijan slightly lowers the rate of manat to the US dollar

April 13 The Central Bank of Azerbaijan has set the rate of the  national currency to the US dollar: t US $1 - 1.0537 manat. This is  lower than  the  rate on Saturday, which was 1,052. Thus, the "soft" devaluation of the national currency has been going for a week. This trend has caused another stir and deficit of  dollars.

Exchange offices are buying dollars at 1.06 manat, and sell for 1,074 manat.

Earlier, the Central Bank explained  that  the rate of manat is based on the currency basket – the rates of  the  dollar and the euro. The growth of the dollar against the euro in recent days affects the rate of manat.

Previously the CBA announced it would no longer prop up the rate of national currency. -02В-

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