CJSC Azerbaijani Railways Launched New Tariff Policy for Freight Transport (UPDATED)


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2015 May 05 (Tuesday) 15:46:14

The decision of the Board of CJSC Azerbaijani Railways seriously reduced tariffs for transit and import and export cargo transportation.

The press service of the Railways notes that the tariffs for railroad transportation of goods decreased by 35%, container transportation - by 50%. These measures will stimulate the activity of transit cargo through the territory of Azerbaijan. This decision was taken in consultation with the Ministry of Transport after the talks with the leaders of the railways and logistics companies of Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Russia, Turkey and Georgia.

In addition, the Azerbaijani market is allowed two more major shipping companies active in the region.

Note that two months of this year, the Transport Corridor TRACECA in transit through the territory of Azerbaijan transported 1 million 911.8 thousand tons of cargo. This is 0.7% less than in January-February 2014. The share of Azerbaijani Railways accounted for 648.4 thousand tons of transit goods. Transportation fell by 6.9%. The income of CJSC Azerbaijani Railways from these shipments totaled 7 million 778.9 thousand manat, which is 5.7% lower than a year earlier. ---- 08B

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