Commercial banks low rates of the dollar and the euro

Azerbaijani Central Bank on Wednesday has not changed the dollar on February 9, leaving it at the level 1.8252 manats. Meanwhile, commercial banks have drastically reduced the rate for the dollar, which on February 8 was in the range of 1,68-1,73 manat; selling rate was in the range of 1.78-1.89 manats per US dollar. At the same time, the official euro exchange rate is 1.9489 manat.

Commercial banks bought the European currency for February 8 1.75-1.83 manats, and sold for 1.90-2.02 manats.

Over the past three days the dollar and the euro fell sharply, without any obvious economic or political reasons.

This makes experts suggest that  in the foreign exchange market there is an outright speculation, and with the participation of the Central Bank already. Since the beginning of February manat strengthened against the dollar by more than 9 kopecks - from 1.92 manat February 2 to 1.8252 AZN  on 8 February. -71D-

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