Customs Revenues Fall by 30%

In June of this year, the State Customs Committee transferred to the state budget 144.8 million AZN. This is the lowest rate since April.

According to the SCC, customs revenues decreased by 61.5 million AZN or around 30% in June.

It is noteworthy that in June, SCC was able to collect a record amount of customs duties - 60 million 270.8 thousand AZN.

This year, the tax collection plan for SCC and fees increased from 1 590 million AZN to 1 810 million AZN. For six months it transferred to the state budget 995.3 million AZN, which is 30% more than in the first half of 2015. Despite the decline in imports, customs officers cope with the implementation of budgetary commitments due to the strengthening US dollar against the national currency. -----08B

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