Heads of AZAL and "Caspar" ignore the Ministry of Transport

A session of the Board of the Transport Ministry on the results of nine months in the field of transport took place in the under the chairmanship of the permanent Minister of Transport, Ziya Mammadov. Traditionally, meeting heads of state ignored the airline and shipping company.

The press service of the Ministry of Transport stated that the Minister Ziya Mammadov spoke on "The implementation of the reform and the work done" in the transport system. The reports of chairmen of the Board of JSC "Azerbaijan Railways" Arif Asgarov of "Azeryolservis" Javid Gurbanov and head of the State Service of road transport Chingiz Bakhshiyeva.  

"Despite the progress in the activity of the structures, there are shortcomings, problems in roads and railways, as well as passenger traffic is not resolved," the ministry said. Also tasked to adopt as soon as possible systemic measures for regulation of urban transport.

It should be noted that since 2008, steps are taken in Baku to establish a system of intelligent traffic management. The state has spent for these purposes from the state budget about $100 million, but the system shows its disability. Thus, despite the repeated promises of Ministry of

Transport, since February 2011 a card system is not applied on public transport in Baku. 

The decision of the Ministry of Transport of Azerbaijan was adopted in August 1998, however, the head of the agency was appointed four years later. Regulations of the Ministry of Transport was approved in June 2003. According to the document, the Minister shall have two deputies; but the president does not appoint a second alternate for Ziya Mammadov.

In January 2005, the Cabinet of Ministers approved the board of the Ministry of Transport of 15 people, eight of which are employees of the agency. According to the regulations of the Ministry of Transport, it regulates and policies in the areas of civil aviation and water transport. However, the president of the CJSC "Azerbaijan Airlines" Jahangir Askerov, chiefs of Azerbaijan State Caspian Sea Shipping Company never attended the board meeting of the Ministry of Transport.

The press service of the Ministry of Transport admitted that  the meeting was not attended by the Minister of Transport of the Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic, Mirsanani Seyidov. -08B -


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