Import of Buckwheat Increased by 8.3%

In 2015, Azerbaijan imported 3,096 tons of buckwheat. This is by 8.3% more than in the previous year. Russia accounts for 95% of the imports.

According to the State Customs Committee, in 2015 a kilogram of buckwheat was recorded at the Azerbaijani customs at an average price of $ 38.15, by $ 3.56 exceeding the figure for 2014.

Thus, taking into account the average exchange rate of the manat in regard to the US dollar in 2015, the average retail price of buckwheat exceeded the import price about three times.

Last year, a kilo of buckwheat in retail sales went up from 1.49 to 1.85 manats. In January this year the commodity was offered at the average price of 2.01 manats, which was 1.35% higher than a year earlier.

Importers of buckwheat in Azerbaijan are Veyseloglu, Siren, Sun Food Service, Qafqaz Ticaret and Bolluq ltd.

At present, Russian manufacturers offer a kilo of buckwheat at a price of 38-49 rubles ($ 1 = 72 rubles).

The following information is carried out on the import of buckwheat to Azerbaijan in 2011-2014.














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