Imports of Vehicles Increased

In March of this year Azerbaijan imported 541 vehicles, which is the highest figure for the first three months of this year, the State Customs Committee.

Observers note that Azerbaijan's economy as a whole is experiencing a recession, and in some of its areas attempts are undertaken to resist and rise. The official representatives and dealers of world motor producers in the country are experiencing serious difficulties with imported cars implementations.

In January of this year 437 cars were delivered  to Azerbaijan  and in February 384 cars were imported.

In the first quarter the volume of imports of motor vehicles amounted to 1,362, which was 8,763 less than for the comparable period of 2015.

This year, 1,235 cars were imported (for the comparable period of 2015 there were 9,256), along with 19 buses and minibuses (203), 97  trucks (500) and 11 special vehicles (76).     ---08D

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