In 2013 JSC Aqrolizinq received record amount of funds from the state

In 2013 JSC Aqrolizinq provided a record amount of funds from the state budget, 95 million 760 thousand manats. In addition to these funds state-owned company used 33,420 AZN proceeds from its activities, as well as 2.28 million manat, accumulated in the Partnership Fund, the board of JSC Aqrolizinq told Turan.
Last year, for the purchase of 2,854 units of agricultural machinery was spent 58.32 million manat. At the same time to the present time has been put into the country 2,769 units of these machines , including combine harvesters - 272 units, tractors - 883 , etc. Overall, in the years 2005-2013 was purchased 17,300 units of equipment worth 274,450 manats. Of these, 11,542 units (total value of 157 570 000 manats) provided for lease or were sold to 6,591 individuals and legal entities. The rest is on the operation of equipment in 53 service branches of Aqrolizinq.
In 2013 JSC Aqrolizinq purchased on the appeals process lines entrepreneurs to create 21 industrial enterprises (irrigation systems, greenhouse equipment, production of compound feed , poultry , cold , etc.). The volume of purchases totaled 19.5 million manat. From the beginning of the activities of corporation, to meet the needs of entrepreneurs in the process, they provided 151 equipment units with a total cost of 133.3 million manat.
Joint Stock Company also carries out procurement of fertilizers, breeding pets that are available for leasing of 50 % of the purchase price.
JSC noted that last year of economic activity have been earned 37.47 million manat. The share of services accounts for a small part of them - 1 million 360 thousand manats.
Total in 2005-2013 years in the organization of activities of Aqrolizinq spent more than 650 million manats.
This year, the state budget corporation received 35 million manat.
State since 2004 financed the purchase of agricultural machinery and the establishment of its service points. In Azerbaijan, the provision of services for the cultivation of agricultural land has been a small amount of business . Old agricultural services are privatized and virtually inactive. - 08D-

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