In Azerbaijan, yellow fever removed at the request of foreigners

The Cabinet of Ministers adopted a resolution on February 27, according to which the list of dangerous infectious diseases displayed all kinds of hemorrhagic fevers, including yellow fever.

The last time a list of four diseases was approved by the Government on 30 June 2011, based on the presidential decree "On the application of the Law of Azerbaijan Republic" On Immigration "and on the approval of the" List of dangerous infectious diseases "as well as the laws of "The development of migration management" and "On amendments and additions to some legislative acts of the Azerbaijan Republic".

It is the government's decision was based on numerous requests to enter the country for temporary residence of foreign nationals, told Turan migration service. Draws mainly complained of burdensome provide help about the absence of hemorrhagic viruses that are in the list of documents required to obtain a residence permit in Azerbaijan.

The ability to exclude from the list of hemorrhagic fever was confirmed by the conclusion that there is no Ministry of Health in the country of the two dangerous diseases.

Haemorrhagic fever and yellow fever is not typical for Azerbaijan. The geography of the virus includes tropical areas of Africa and Latin America.

Now in the list are only human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) and hepatitis B and C.

As for HIV, then from 1987 to December 2012 in Azerbaijan officially registered were 3720 HIV-infected and AIDS patients. Of these, 3593 are citizens of Azerbaijan and 127 foreigners. Among HIV-infected Azerbaijan citizens 2879 are men and 714 - women.

The exact number of people with hepatitis C in Azerbaijan, is unknown. What is known is that of the total number of HIV infections hepatitis C was detected in 62.4 per cent of the patients. - 08D-


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