Intellectual system of transport control is a myth

Public Organization "Youth Majlis" held a meeting on transport issues. According to this structure,  there is a need   to discuss  the following facts:  bus drivers do not   have driving licenses; traffic accidents with multiple fatalities, the mistreatment the passengers.

It was noted that the Ministry of Transport  has monopolized this area, and  ongoing problems of transport are the result of absence of healthy competition in the transport sector. According to the participants, intelligent transport control  system, which cost  100 million manat, failed. The  participants noted  that  the Ministry of Transport simply "wrote off" the  state funds.

The meeting  participants also  noted inability of the metro leadership to establish normal work underground. Cars, as well as entrance and exit in the subway are  always  full of passengers. Only one escalator works.

Shopping facilities  prevent the free movement of passengers. The intervals between the trains must be two minutes at lease, but  mainly they are higher than this time. According to the youth, to improve the situation it is necessary to apply a single card system, to ensure transparency,  and eliminate monopoly.

* "Youth Majlis" was created in November of this year by more than fifty activists. The purpose of the organization is to discuss problems  and their resolution, the attraction of young people to participate actively in the political life of the country.  -05D04- 


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