Idrak Abbasov undergoes surgery

 The correspondent of the newspaper "Ayna-Zerkalo" and the Institute for Reporters Freedom and Safety (IRFS) Idrak Abbasov underwent surgery to remove a cyst from the kidney. This is  a result of brutal beating in April this year in the village of Sulu-Tepe  by security officers of SOCAR. A journalist  had an identification vest with inscription «Press»  and videotaped confrontation of  SOCAR employees and local residents who were  accused  by the oil company  of the capture of  its territories. 

Idrak’s  ribs were broken, his head, eye  and internal organs were injured. Abbasov should have a surgery on his  eye. Treatment of the journalist was paid partially by  the "Reporters without Borders" organisation.

Nobody was brought to justice for the brutal beating of journalist. The version of the authorities in the face of Ali Hasanov is to ensure that Abbas was involved in the conflict on the side of local residents, and employees of SOCAR did not know that he was a journalist.

Two weeks ago, at a seminar in Baku, the  OSCE Special Representative on Freedom of the         Media,  Dunja Mijatovic,  rejected that argument, noting that the   world had seen the photos of  beaten Idrak, and he was dressed in identification vest with inscription «Press»—06B-


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