The leaders of the Armenian and Azerbaijani diasporas of Russia called for peace and compromise

On Friday a Federal National Cultural Autonomy of Russia (FNCA Azerros) and the All-Russian public organization "Union of Armenians of Russia" made a joint statement calling for peaceful resolution of the Karabakh conflict.

"We are convinced that all matters relating to the settlement of the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict must be resolved exclusively in the format of peace talks on the basis of international law and compromising approaches with consideration of  interests of all parties. The solution to this problem is the undoubted prerogative of the competent authorities and the people of our historical homelands."

Diaspora leaders consider unacceptable transference of elements of the conflicts  to Russia.  Constant conflicts and interaction between the diasporas will facilitate the process of normalization of relations between Armenians and Azerbaijanis.

To implement these agreements  the “Azerros” and "Union of Armenians of Russia" decided to form permanent commission to discuss joint plans and offer draft decisions to respond to possible incidents between community representatives, their suppression and prevention of negative effects.

To hold in Moscow quarterly activities in the field of culture, education and sport; and to implement it in the whole territory of Russia.

To appeal to the presidents of Russia, Azerbaijan and Armenia to support the idea of ​​holding in Russia (Sochi)a week of the Azerbaijani-Armenian cultural dialogue with representatives of public organizations, creative unions, youth groups (50 people from each side). As part of this forum to organize events and creative competitions with participation of delegations, whose purpose will be to find ways to approach and create an atmosphere of trust based on mutual respect.

To  delete from the vocabulary  of public speeches  and in state-controlled media  the "speech of hostility" in relation to each other.

The appeal was signed by  the President of “Azerros” Soyun Sadikhov and  by Ara Abrahamian, the president of the "Union of Armenians of Russia". -02D-


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