Money supply rose in May by 2.3%


Money supply rose in May to 254.3 million manat or 2.3% to 11,456.7 million manat. Over the past 12 months, the manat resources in the economy grew by 3,065 million manat or 36.5%.

   According to the Central Bank of Azerbaijan, the amount of cash outside the banking system rose in May to 197.1 million manat or 2.7% to 7,509.9 million manat, and the volume of cashless manat increased by 57.2 million manat or 1.4% to 3,946.8 million manat. The share of the latter in the structure of the manat treatment decreased to 34.4%.

   Broad money supply rose during the reported month by 233.3 million manat or 1.6% to 14,579.5 million manat. The volume of foreign exchange supply in the banking system declined 21 million manat or 0.7% to the equivalent of 3,122.8 million manat. During the year the mass of foreign currency increased by 17.2%. The share of manat resources in total money supply was 78.5%, which is 2.6% more than June 1 of last year.

   The total amount of the monetary base rose in May by 2.9%, and for the year it grew by 34.4% to 8,457.9 million manat. Manat base money increased over the month by 227.2 million manat or 2.8% to 8,373.1 million manat. - 15V -



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