Parliament far from the problems of the poor

Azerbaijani parliament on today's plenary session approved the cost of living for the next year in the amount of 116 manats. This represents an 8 manat (7.4%) more than in the year. For the workforce it will be 125 manats (AZN 9 compared with this year), for pensioners - 94 manat (10), for children - 93 manat (+6).

According to experts, the President will approve this bill far from the realities.

Parliament also approved the "criterion of needs" for next year. This means that citizens with incomes below 93 manat (AZN 9 higher than this year), will be eligible for social aid.

Today, this kind of government assistance (effective from January 1, 2006) is used by about 127 thousand people. - 17D-


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