The number of blasting on mines increases

The number of landmine victims is growing, noted the participants of the a press conference of the organization "The campaign against landmines." Its head, Hafiz Safikhanov reminded that 166 states joined the Ottawa Convention on the prohibition of the use of mines and 16 of them eliminated the  mines.

Last year, 320,000 antipersonnel, and  90,000 antitank mines  were destroyed in the world, 90,000 square meters were cleaned from mines. 

 In the world in 2001 the tendency of lessening the number of landmine victims was observed.  In 2011  everyday  in the world died 32 people, and in  2012 the number dropped up to 12 people. 

 Globally, in 2011 there was a tendency to reduce landmine. If in 2001 the world every day from mines 32 people died, in 2012 this figure had dropped to 12.

Worldwide, the for clearance  from mines 662 million dollars have been allocated. With the exception of Syria,  last year  none state  used antipersonnel mines.

Azerbaijan, like Armenia and Georgia are not members of the Ottawa Convention. Official Baku explains it by the presence of the conflict with Armenia, and reserves the right to use all available in the arsenal weapons in the event of war with Armenia.

At the same time, not being a member of the Ottawa Convention, Azerbaijan

conducts clearing from mines. Azerbaijani representation in the UN  has been criticized for non-adherence to the Convention.

Currently, more than 500,000 people  in Azerbaijan live on mined territories. Moreover, these areas are not only in the war zone, but also outside it.

This year there were 14 cases of mine explosions  in Azerbaijan, with four wounded, and three civilians died.

Among the military  four were wounded, and four died. 

Four explosions happened in Goranboy region, three in Fizuli, Tartar, Agdam,  and one case in Tovuz region. Over  the same period in 2011, three people died, and six were wounded.

The organization "Campaign Against Mines"  helps to create businesses with disabiled, victims of mine explosions. Swiss association of victims of mine explosions  provided 17,000 euros for the seven Azerbaijani mine victims in entrepreneurial activity. -05C04- 





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