Reformed Subsistence Farming of Caspian Shipping Company

The Ministry of Agriculture has submitted to the Cabinet proposal to reform the subsidiary agricultural enterprise Denizchi (Sailor) of the state-owned JSC Azerbaijan Caspian Shipping Company.

Under the proposal, 1,766 hectares of land area economy will be divided between three institutions. To create Agricultural Park 966 hectares of land are currently required by the Ministry of Agriculture. For the implementation of the land reform 700 hectares of land will be transferred to the Executive Power of the Khachmaz district. Recall that the Mugtadyr village, where the subsistence farming Denizchi is located, is Azerbaijan's only town, where in fact any land reform has not been carried out and its inhabitants were left without arable land plots.

Thus, at the disposal of the shipping company only 100 hectares of land will be left.

The Department of Social Development of CJSC Azerbaijan Caspian Shipping Company told Turan that not all areas of land are used as required by the appropriate land reclamation. Sowing wheat, clover and other crops is carried only on 1,100 hectares. There are 100 people, but actually work only 20 of them. There is a livestock farm, which is also to be eliminated.

The company also noted that a part of the farm was captured by villagers of Mugtadyr in the past years and individual houses were built there. ---08B

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